Don’t Hurt Us, We’re Canadians!

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I predicted the triumph of The Hurt Locker in the 2010 Academy Awards, The King’s Speech in 2011, and The Artist last year. In between, I predicted awards and victories for soccer teams, directors, actors, actresses, screenwriters and politicians.

Predicting the Oscars is not about my opinion about movies. It’s about my opinion about the opinion of the average Academy member about movies. Reading other people is so much more challenging, but so much fun!

My perfect success rate dipped slightly last year (although I did much better than Nate Silver). Was it regression to the mean? We’ll find out soon.

So after I polished my crystal ball, consulted the stars (and the moon), interviewed insiders, rolled a few dices, flipped a few coins, and carefully analyzed all available information, I predict:

And this year I venture farther, and also predict for:

These are my predictions. If you think otherwise, speak now or forever hold your peace…

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