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Trained at Wharton, Prof. Levine studies how people behave and how they impact others, organizations and markets. His research spans disciplines: He studied how knowledge sharing affects performance, how open collaboration facilitates innovation, and how ethnic diversity deflates price bubbles. He currently studies how Pay It Forward creates surprising acts of kindness, how “mind reading” enhances performance, and how isolation can bring success. His research has been cited in business, sociology, psychology, economics, law, and computer science. It has been reported by the New York Times, Reuters, Forbes, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, New YorkMagazine, Business Insider, South China Morning Post, The Australian Financial Review and others. He taught global strategic management, organizational theory, entrepreneurship and innovation to audiences in the US, Europe and Asia. Prof. Levine is a member of the AoM, ASA, SPSP, AEA, and INGroup. His research won grants from and conducted at MIT, Columbia, Penn, and the University of Texas at Dallas

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